Heritage Video Productions

Heritage Video Productions were formed initially as a way of introducing the work of local award winning heritage film director Chris Richardson Brand to the general public.

Coming from a background of public relations, event staging and running his own award winning heritage tourist attraction, when he retired to his beloved South Lakeland/North Lancashire he decided to use his experience to make films about various aspects of life and heritage of the area. Chris has now moved to the English/Welsh border.

This has led to the “OUR HERITAGE” series of dvds as well as a whole raft of shorter programmes dedicated to more specific aspects. The “OUR HERITAGE” dvds each take Chris in the region of two years to research, script, film and edit.

The early videos were filmed in standard definition and in 4:3, but now many people have bought `High Definition Ready` televisions due to the enforced digital changeover and this also means that the size and shape of the screens have changed. This coincided with Chris’s purchase of new broadcast quality, high definition cameras and the very latest digital editing suite. For him this has meant stunning quality pictures in a 16:9 filming format, which shows his work off to its best advantage. Chris has also qualified as a professional drone pilot and is registered with the Civil Aviation Authority.

About this time he was also introduced to the wonderful work done by The North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University in collating and preserving old films of the area and by their generosity he has been able to utilise some of their footage into his latest films. It has opened up a new visual world of understanding of our past times for thousands of ordinary people. Not only that, their cooperation has allowed him to stage high profile shows featuring their renovated films in addition to his own heritage productions.

The outstanding success of these films has led the staging of many sell out shows, plus many smaller ones giving after dinner video presentations and talks to groups, historical societies, the W.I. and other organisations around the UK.

All the local tourist authorities now actively support these programmes.